Frequently Asked Questions

TuitionCare 101

Can I choose the TuitionCare school I want to support?

Only Parish and School families of the specific TuitionCare school are able to join the program.

What is a Tuition Reduction Grant?

The Tuition Reduction Grant (TRG) is the money that is given to the school to reduce tuition for all school families. For each family that signs up for TuitionCare, the Foundation will give $1,000 to your schools TRG.

Is my TuitionCare donation deductible on my federal tax return?

The out of pocket portion of your contribution can be considered a donation deduction on your federal tax return. For example, if you contribute $5,000 to the TuitionCare Program and receive a $4,500 tax credit, the $500 out of pocket cost is considered a donation deduction while the $4,500 is considered a non deductible expense.

Can my business participate?

If your business files PA State Taxes, then it can participate in the EITC program. Contact the Foundation for Catholic Education to learn more about how your business can participate in the EITC Program.

I have a niece/nephew in the school but I belong to another local parish. Can I participate?

At this time, only parishioners and school families can participate in a TuitionCare Program at their school. The Foundation for Catholic Education supports schools throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia through other tax credit programs. Contact the Foundation today for more information on supporting other schools.

If I participate in TuitionCare to get tax credits, how much will it cost me?

During the fall months, you will need to pay your commitment amount upfront. After you file your taxes in the spring, you will recieve the credit.

Do I need to earn a particular income to qualify?

TuitionCare is based on your tax liability, not income.

I'm retired, can I participare in TuitionCare?

If you are retired, you must own a small business (receive an annual K-1 form) or work for a business and receive an annual W-2 form to join TuitionCare. Some retirees qualify due to side jobs or residual ownership of businesses and some do not.

What are the dates and deadlines this year for TuitionCare?

The deadlines vary for each program every year. Commitment forms are currently being accepted on a rolling basis.

What grades are eligible for a reduction in tuition through TuitionCare?

Families with children in Kindergarten through 8th grade will receive a tuition reduction from TuitionCare.

Is there a cap on how much my school can receive from the TuitionCare program?

Yes. The maximum benefit each school family can receive from TuitionCare is $1,000 per year.

If I work for a non-profit, am I eligible for the tax credit through TuitionCare?

You are not eligible to apply if you work for a non-profit. However, if you are married and your spouse does not work for a non-profit and you file joint taxes, you can apply.

The Foundation & EITC Program

What is EITC? What does it have to do with TuitionCare?

EITC, or the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, is a tax credit program approved by the state of Pennsylvania which allows certain businesses or organizations to redirect their PA state taxes toward approved scholarship organizations. These organizations then provide scholarships to help families afford a Catholic Education.

Where can I learn more about EITC?

You can learn more about EITC by visiting the Foundation website,, or by contacting Judi Neeld,

What is a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) as it pertains to Pennsylvania educational tax credits?

The SPE is the vehicle that the TuitionCare program uses to apply for the Educational Improvement Tax Credits. TuitionCare members join an SPE when they become members of TuitionCare.

Who provides the oversight of the SPE for TuitionCare?

The Foundation for Catholic Education oversees the SPE for TuitionCare.

What's the difference between TuitionCare and the Foundation for Catholic Education?

TuitionCare is a program under the Foundation for Catholic Education. It is launched at the Parish School level and will combine EITC/OSTC tax credits offered by the State of PA with a Tuition Reduction Grant.

The Process

When will we know if the state has approved TuitionCare for the current tax year?

The Foundation for Catholic Educatino will be notified in November-December. Once the Foundation finds out, all our donors will be made aware that it is time to commit to the program and write a check.

Can you draft my payment?

No, not at this time.

Can I sign the documents via e-signature?

Some documents will be available via e-signature, while others may have to physcially signed. We can usually accomodate the need for e-signature, so do not hesitate to reach out if you need us to help you out here.

How does my school sign up?

If your school would like to participate in the TuitionCare Program, they will need to reach out to the Foundation for Catholic Education. At this time, we are strategically adding schools to the program.

Where do I obtain an application?

You can complete the application on this website under "Forms to Complete", or download a form and submit it to the Foundation for Catholic Education.

Where and when do I submit my application?

Applications are currently being collected on a rolling basis. If you would like to submit an application, you can do so on our website or download a form and submit it to the Foundation. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible to secure a position in the program.

Do I submit a new form each year for TuitionCare?

TuitionCare is a two year program. In year two, you are not required to submit any additional information unless you have an update to make, for example an address. After you make your year two commitment, you will have to submit a new form to participate in a second two year commitment. The Foundation will reach out to members bi-annually to renew their commitments.

When will I receive documents to file with my income taxes?

The Foundation will provide you with a K-1 in the first quarter of the year. Our accounting teams work hard to get this information to you as quickly as possible in the beginning of the year.

How is the amount given to the school to reduce tuition calculated?

Depending on the participation from the families and parishioners, the Foundation will give the school $1,000 for the TRG for every famliy that signs up. Then, they divide it by the number of families enrolled in the school. The TRG maximum is $1,000 per famliy.

My Commitment

What happens if I can't keep my commitment?

Please reach out to the Foundation for Catholic Education if you are unable to complete your full two year commitment. We will do our best to accomodate any changes in a member's contribution amount and walk you through the necessary steps to take.

I may be changing jobs and moving out of start, can I get out of my commitment?

Under certain circumstances, the Foundation can work with you on getting out of your commitment if you will no longer be paying PA State Taxes. Please contact us immediately if you are looking to change your commitment.

Am I able to increase or decrease my commitment after I sign-up?

The Foundation can often accommodate changes in an individuals commitment amount. If you would like to change your commitment amount after you sign up, please contact us immediately to request this change.

Does my personal information get shared with anyone than the Foundation for Catholic Education?

Your personal information will be shared with our accounting firm so that they may process your K-1. Your information will also appear on the Operating Agreement for the entity you join, to comply with all legal requirements. However, if you would like your donation to be kept anonymous to your school and be kept out of our marketing materials, please let us know and we can make sure that happens.

Can my involvement with TuitionCare be kept confidential?

Your information will appear on the Operating Agreement for the entity you join to comply with all legal requirements. If you would like your information kept out of the Foundation's marketing materials, please let us know and we would be happy to accomodate.

Why must I commit to two years? Can I commit for 1 year?

In order to receive the 90% tax credit benefit, a two year commitment is required by the State of Pennsylvania. We do not have an option for a one-year commitment at this time.

How do I decide how much to contribute if I don't know my tax liability?

If your income is consistent, use the amount from last year's state tax return (PA-40 Line 12). Please consult your financial professional for advice on this matter.

Is there a minimum commitment amount to participate in TuitionCare?

Minimum contribution amounts vary by school but are usually between $1,000 to $2,000. Please consult your school's TuitionCare Page for your minimum amount.