What is  TuitionCare?

What is TuitionCare?

TuitionCare is an innovative and ground breaking program developed by the Foundation For Catholic Education. This program financially benefits both local Catholic Schools and families with students in Catholic Schools throughout the Archdiocese. Each family can receive up to $1,000 in tuition credits through the TuitionCare program each year!

How does it work? 

It’s simple!  TuitionCare takes advantage of programs offered by the State of Pennsylvania that allow individuals to redirect some or all of your state income tax obligation to support Catholic Education! 

TuitionCare & the Foundation for Catholic Education

TuitionCare is one of many programs run by the Foundation For Catholic Education, which focuses on supporting Parish / Regional Catholic Schools and helping families afford a Catholic Education for their children.  With the support of businesses and individuals like you, we have been able to provide $5,000,000 to schools and families over the past 8 years!

You can learn more about the Foundation For Catholic Education by clicking here!